Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 10/17/16

October 17, 201660 min
***BREAKING UPDATE** #KILROYRISING #THEDEPLORABLESTOURScott Kesterson live on the tour trail update at noon edt.
#AccuserFail Megan Barth Reagan Baby joins Pastor Greg. What makes the Donald Trump case different from Bill Cosby? Why is the media obsessed with the accusers about trump's personal life and completely ignoring the factual emails that link Hillary to outing Ambassador Stevens at Benghazi, manipulating the election, attacking Catholics and Christians and sordid other stories of malfeasance.

#RINOS on the stampede, Bryan Crabtree discusses the obvious attacks of the RINOs and establishment against Trump and how they are the real problem.

#ConstitutionalIntegrity #RuleofLaw What impact does a SCOTUS have which bases its decisions on personal feelings rather than the rule of law? Can a nation survive such judicial tyranny?

#HealthMatters #FoodMatters. Michael Schwartz Michaels Health joins Pastor Greg to discuss the missing ingredients in todays diet and the deva

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