Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 10/21/16

October 21, 201660 min
#KilroyRising #TheDeplorablesTour Scott Kesterson with an update.
#ObamaismExposed Don Jans author of My Grandchildren's America points out the activities that this administration is engaged in that show that they are pushing us into a socialist/Marxist society. How do we educate people to understand what is bad about it?
#Debate2016 #WikileaksEmails #ClintonScandal John LeBoutillier Fox Political Insiders weighs in with his view on the debate and the impact of the Wikileaks on the election. Will the public be swayed by the latest revelations of DNC and Clinton malfeasance?
#HillaryForJail Todd G Young Attorney and Executive Director for South Eastern Legal Foundation analyzes the Veritas Videos for evidence of criminal intent or civil litigation. We will also discuss the Wiki Leaks of the Clinton and DNC emails to see what cold happen to the participants.
#StateofMorality Have we forgotten the issue of morals? With discussion of abortion at the last two presidential debates receiving

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