Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 10/31/16

October 31, 201660 min
#ClintonforJail Will FBI director Comey finally bring justice? Will Democrats condemn the behavior of Clinton or make accusations against Comey who by the way is an Obama appointee. Does this create a constitutional crisis and what is the Hatch Act? Jeffrey Stephens a criminal defense attorney and trial lawyer joins Pastor Greg to Discuss.
#KilroyRising #TheDeplorablesTour Scott Kesterson joins Pastor Greg with an update on the tour and with more about what the Deplorables are doing.

#Constituionslcrisis David Shestokas joins Pastor Greg to discuss the current affronts to our constitution and what we need to do about it.

#ConservativeWomen Cathy Lynn Taylor discusses the role of women in the conservative movement.

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