Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 10/5/16

October 5, 201660 min
#MediaBias #VPDebate #ModeratorBlindness Dan Media Research Center joins Pastor Greg to discuss the medias continued bias and the exaggerated lies of the Democrats. Late Show crosses lines, ECU dropped by ESPN affiliate after Anthem protests, NFL still losing ratings, Clinton Foundation ignored.
Michael Stumo Coalition for a Prosperous America Why are beef imports so high? Beef and Cattle imports set a record under the current Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack . Why are we ruining our ranches and famrs?
Ed Brodow author In Lies We trust How Politicians and the media are deceiving the American Public
Even the New York Times has jumped in by publishing "Illegally" the tax returns of Donald Trump.
Joe Messina Aleppo is a nightmare and you wont hear about it in the main stream. Terry Bradshaw says you cant say Jesus and stay in the desk. No wonder they ran Tebow off!! Much More!

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