Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 10/7/16

October 7, 201661 min
#MarxistProliferationExposed Marxist ideologies are destroying our colleges and our youth, Free speech and the free exercise of the Christian religion are being snuffed out daily. Yet no one wil address the issue head on. Don Jans joins Pastor Greg to do just that.
John Leboutillier Fox News Political Insider joins Pastor Greg to discuss who is losing the election. Also, what does the fight between Megan Kelly and Sean Hannity bring to these last days before the election. Has Trump sent Hannity after her? Is this part of his vindictive behavior?
#BlueLivesMatter Another LE was killed execution style and yet there are no protests or crowds gathered. No sit downs at the games. The media has been silence. Scott Erickson Americans in Support of Law Enforcement joins me to discuss this media and societal twist that has villified our men and women in blue.
Megan Barth Reagan Baby back from her illness joins Pastor Greg to push back against the medias bias and the Democrat lies.

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