Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 1/10/17

January 10, 201759 min
CureforGreed #ProducingEconomicHealth Steve Beaman Founder of Chicago Investment Analytics (CIA) which he sold to Charles Schwab in 2000 and host of his own show joins Pastor Greg. How does a biblical foundation lead to better economic decisions?
#GitmoRelease #ISISrecruiting How do we fight this continued assault? Kamal Saleem former Jihadist turned born again Christian shares how Islam is recruiting on our college campuses, in our military and with their Mosques.
#KeepYourDoctor #HealthFreedom Dale Bellis CEO Liberty HealthShare explains ho you can choose your doctor and how Liberty Health Share creates freedom for you and your doctor to pursue a healthy life and not a sick one.
#Amazon Another case of the government demanding records from a service provider, How far will they go or should they go> Mike Daugherty our Cyber Security expert weighs in.

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