Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 11/21/16

November 21, 201660 min
#Hamilton #LiberalHypocrisy #BlueLivesMatter While berating the Vice
President elect at a play that he paid to attend about how to treat
people they conveniently forgot to mention the need for their own to
stop the violent protests. In Germany Obama told the protesters to
keep up the good work and not be silent. And the left also berates the
potential for violence by Trump supporters while ignoring the violence
of these protesters. Megan Barth joins Pastor Greg to share her own
story of being attacked by "peaceful" Hillary supporters.

#TheStateofIsrael Rabbi Aryeh Spero joins Pastor Greg to discuss the
accusations of antisemitism against Trump and Stave Bannon and to
reveal the real antisemitism of the left.

#TheWarHadsJustBegun Michael Connelly USJF reveals how the left will
continue to wage war against true American Values

#TrumpCabinet Herb London breaks down the latest cabinet appointments

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