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Chosen Generation =- 1/12/17

January 12, 2017120 min
#EconomicWeapons #OilEnergyMAGA Obama has been buddies with Iran and Cuba and yet Rex Tillerson is being vilified because Exon had business dealings with Iran. Is the left really concerned with propriety? Or are they afraid of what Rex Tillerson might know and do? Dan Perkins Author Speaker and Radio host joins me to discuss this and much much more.
#DemsonFire Judson Philips Tea Party Nation joins Pastor Greg to discuss the Dems all out attack on Trump and the way the President Elect is responding. Will more conservatives grow a back bone?
#ChristianPersecution Today on Chosen Generation Radio George Barna and I discuss how many Christians do not even realize the attack on our religious freedoms. It is the frog in the pot syndrome. While the church has slumbered the United States has become a place of persecution for the only belief system that has secured her freedoms. This is why I have been called to do the show. The decision so far not to challenge the Obergefell vs Hodges SCOTUS

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