Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 11/28/16

November 28, 201659 min
#RecountHypocrisy Meagan Barth joins me to discuss the push by Jill
Stein for a recount vote. Condolences and prayers are being sent to
Ohio University as active shooters have wounded and some reports say
killed both students and faculty. Although statewide Ohio is an open
carry state there is no such rule on Campuses and the schools can use
academic sanctions to punish students who carry.

#CastroDeception Fidel Castor is dead. Many have criticized Obama for
his remarks on this and certainly I am no Obama defender. However for
credibility sake the statement he made is an outreach to the people
not a ra ra speech to Castro. But what do the outpouring of sympathies
tell us about Castor that our media is not reporting? And how does the
truth about him say something about the darkness we are battling in
the world and at home? Pastor Greg shares his thoughts.

#ConstitutionalCrisis Jill Stein has called for a recall. The Clinton
campaign has jumped in with them. Michael Connelly USJF gives

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