Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 11/29/16

November 29, 201659 min
#TrumpRecount #ClintinCrimes Bryan Crabtree joins Pastor Greg to
discuss why Clinton has joined the recount effort. Knowing that Donald
trump is a temendous counter puncher why would she risk prison for a
recount? Did she and Bill already collect form their quid pro quo
scheme? Also does the Cabinbet promotion of Nikki Haley make Brayn a
prophet regarding the Lt Gov McMasters?

#GodSaveAmerica Chelene Nightingale joins Pastor Greg to discuss how
we must get God back in America again.

#HealthCareRevolutionary Dale Bellis CEO Liberty HealthShare how he led the way.

#CyberUp it is christmas and the thieves are running amok. Michael
Daugherty shares some cyber wisdom.

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