Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 11/30/16

December 1, 201659 min
#RecountRacismRejection The left and the media are in an absolute
meltdown as Donald trump continues to put together what Breitbart is
calling a "Conservative DreamTeam". Dan Gainor Media Research Center joins Pastor Greg to discuss how the media got it so

#ExposingCastroFidel #CubaLibre Rafael Cruz who lived through the
revolution and fled after Castro declared his true intentions joins
Pastor Greg to discuss what really happened, what the death of Castro
really means and what could Cuba US relations become now.

#EconomicForecast Steve Beaman a thirty year financial industry expert
joins us to discuss the #TRUMPEFFECT on economy which already has seen
a boost in the market and a retention of American Jobs.

#AmericasPlaceInTheWorld James Robbins Senior Fellow in National
Security Affairs at the American Foreign Policy Council discusses the
Trump cabinet choices form a National Security perspective. James and
I have in the past four years discussed the long ter

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