Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 1/16/17

January 16, 2017120 min
#MLKDay #BLM is practicing the oldest trick in the Marxist/Alinsky book, namely revisionist History. Martin Luther King, Jr., a Republican, and a man of peace is being reformed as a violent radical. Megan Barth Reagan Baby joins me to discuss this and the upcoming Inauguration,
#CIAFakeNews Did CIA Director John Brenann intentionally attempt to sabotage President Elect Donald Trump by leaking Fake intelligence news. Herb London London Center for Policy Research joins me to discuss this and how Trump will hopefully restore faith in our intelligence community after the Obama Admin has spied on Americans and allowed covert operatives to be exposed.
#DefeatingSharia Can Islam use our constitution against us? How can a declared enemy be allowed to use the 1st amendment to mount a military attack within out own borders? Michael Connelly Constitutional Attorney joins me to discuss.
#MiracleHealth What if the natural compounds around us created by God could actually make us healthier? Michael

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