Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 1/18/17

January 18, 2017120 min
#MSMLies #FakeNews Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Bergdahl, ISIS, Obamacare in fact Breitbart has outlined 18 major scandals of the Obama Administration. Now Obama whose administration paid for the sex change operation of a convicted traitor has released that same traitor through a pen and a phone. The media has gone crazy over the possibility that President Elect Donald Trump had help from the Russians. But let out a convicted traitor and terrorist? Not a peep. Oh and lets not get started on media silence on #DisruptJ20. Dan Gainor joins Pastor Greg to expose the medias continued hypocrisy.
#ArabAmerica The Left has been threatening to create an Arab spring right here in the USA if their candidate lost. Based recently released video it appears they intend to do it now. Brigitte Gabrielle Act for America joins me to discuss the similarities and to discuss the role of CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood in resisting the President Elect.
#Trump2017 Provided we survive the next 48 hours what mig

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