Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 11/9/16

November 9, 201659 min
#MediaCollapse Donald Trump wins the Presidential Election to become
the 45th POTUS. The media who did everything in their power to destroy
him and ascend #Killary to the throne are indignant. Dan Gainor of
Media Research joins Pastor Greg to discuss what
happened. Also where is the coverage of the riots?

***UPDATE*** #TheDeplorablkesTour #KilroyRising Scott Kesterson

#AmericasPhysche Dr Andrew Taylor joins Pastor Greg to discuss the
mind set of the NFL protests and how does that reveal itself in last
nights results.

#HistoricalEvents Matt Fitzgibbons Patriot Music and historian joins
us to discuss the implications of the election of Donald J Trump. What
is the good, the bad and the ugly?

#MilitaryPerspective Ret General AJ "Tony" Tata gives us a look at the
military's view of the Trump election. Will the long standing
excellence of the UCMJ and the military moral compass be restorted?
Will the social experiments at the expense of morale and readiness

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