Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 12/1/16

December 1, 201660 min
#WhiteLash #CivilizationJihad #OSUMilitaryResponse Dan Perkins Joins
Pastor Greg to discuss these issues and more. As the efforts to force
recounts continues by Jill Stein and now the Clinton camp, more fuel
is added to the lefts insistence that this was all about race. What
does OSU tell us and how should the chilling posts of the Jihadist
that carried out the attack be taken? He proclaimed that all Muslims
have a duty to Jihad and further that those pretending not to are
simply sleeper cells. Further research indicates that as many as 62%
of younger Muslims in the US want to be ruled by Sharia Law with 51%
of the total population in agreement with that statement. Did you read
about how in classroom after classroom at OSU during the attack, where
there were students that are either active duty or veterans those
individuals moved the rest of the student body in the classrooms to a
safer position and took up defensive positions at the classroom doors
standing between the other students

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