Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 12/13/16

December 13, 201660 min
#AfghanWar What happened to American soldiers under friendly fire and
where was their assistance? Should those that did not respond be held
responsible? What would be the protocol? How should a commander
respond in looking out for his own troops? What mission critical
information would he be looking at and what is his primary objective
in that region? AFSOC responded what was their mission? Eric Blehm
author of The Only Thing Worth Dying For.

#JihadinAmerica #IslamicAwareness Kamal Saleem joins us to discuss the
Civilization Jihad Iran and the Shiite Calipahte supported by Russia.
How is the Islamic system forced upon nations? At what point must we
push back and against whom?How do we protect America from the Islamic

#Healthcarefreedom Dale Bellis CEO Liberty Health Share Maintaining
principles and controlling your health care dollars. Moving testimony
of about a life saved.

#RussianHoax Michael DaughertyTrump cabinet choices, Russia hack is a
hoax. What are they hiding? WHo

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