Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 12/14/16

December 14, 201659 min
#ExposingFakeNews The left has a new friend and its name is "Fake
News". Of course the truth is that the Fake News was created by the
left and as usual they have claimed to be the victims. Pastor Greg to
discuss how the media continues to spin the news.

#WinnersandLosers Dodd Frank was touted as a victory fir the consumer,
but was it really? Did it benefit the consumer or simply increase the
burden of Government intervention on sales by small merchants and even
by the average bank customer? Andrew Langer President of The Institute
For Liberty joins Pastor Greg to discuss why its time to repeal Dodd

#EPAoverReach Todd Young Executive Director for Southeastern Legal
Foundation weighs in on the selection of Oklahoma Attorney General E.
Scott Pruitt.

#DEMSJoinJihadiForces Kamal Saleem KoomeMinistries joins Pastor Greg
to discuss how Elizabeth Warren's speech at the Islamic Society of
Boston Cultural Center sends the message that any and all Jihadist
behavior is acceptable by the

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