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Chosen Generation - 12/15/16

December 15, 201659 min
#TillersonOil #PutinRussia Dan Perkins author of The Red Nile Trilogy,
Investment Guru, Oil Industry Expert joins Pastor Greg to discuss the
appointment of Exon CEO Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. The
ongoing media push to blame Russia for the Election outcome. Is OPEC
finished? What can we expect from Tillerson? How important will his
background in oil and energy be in making America strong again?

#TechnocracyInAmerica Since 1977 when Patrick Wood co authored the
Trilaterals over Washington, exposing the real mission of the
Trilateral Commission and Technocrats, Patrick has been warning of
their intent to take over America and with his newest book Technocracy
Rising he gave a history lesson on the where when and how. Now as the
globalists become more and more emboldened a new leader of that
movement is on the rise. On January 10, 2017 Khanna will release to
the world his latest book, Technocracy in America: Rise Of The
Info-State. Promotional material states,

Technocracy In Ame

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