Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 12/2/16

December 2, 201657 min
#ObamaFail #BlameShifting Don Jans exposes the Democrat, Socialist,
Communist indoctrination of America and fights for the constitution.
Don and I will discuss his latest blog posts on Obama's blame game for
the Democrats losses, do we have a constitutional duty to defend
Muslims Sharia, progressive socialists have over run the democrat
party and more.

#CabinetChoices #Election2016 John Leboutillier Fox News Insider Did
Fox influence the election as Obama has said? Is President Elect Trump
delivering on his promises already? What does the Romney courting
session mean and is there a secret signal being sent? With the choice
of Elaina Chao doesn't that solidify a Trump McConnell partnership?

#AltRIGHT #RightWingExtremists #Deplorables #WhiteLash Pastor Greg
discusses why the left is so persistent in labeling and why this time
it may not work. Isn't the point of racial equality to cause us not to
see color? So why is the that when someone does that they are made to
pay? Reparation, real

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