Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 1/24/17

January 24, 2017120 min
#WrappingDisruptJ20 #WomenMarchonWashingtonExposed Brandon Darby Breitbart Texas Managing Director was boots on the ground with information from within the organization. What did they accomplish? What is next? How was their plan stopped? What did Saturday really accomplish?

#CausingAStir Chelsen Vicari serves as the Evangelical Program Director for the Institute on Religion and Democracy. She was on the liberal side and then became a conservative Evangelical. Of course as one would expect the left is having a conniption fit. Chelsen addresses that and how will the church respond to Trump now. 86% evangelicals voted for him. Will they be happy or sad? Are millennial Christians as enthused? Because the church calls evil good and good evil in many main line denominations will that impact the embrace of Trump and could it create a false narrative. Younger me blog Matt Moore Blog

#JointheHealhcareRevolution Liberty Health Share is experiencing tremendous growth as Americans choose #He

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