Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 1/25/17

January 25, 2017120 min
#VoterFraud Media lying again. Voter fraud is real and could be massive. We reported on it with Megan Barth and the fraud in Nevada. In Detroit there was so much fraud they could not do a recount. Project Veritas recorded the DNC plans to commit and encourage voter fraud. Now it's being called non existent? Dan Dan Gainor joins me at noon EDT to expose more MSM bias.

#UnmaskingISIS #ChangingofaNation Due to illness Dr Terry Law was unavailable. Pastor Greg shares on the real mission of ISIS and Islam as a whole and the connection to end times prophecy. Also , what does it mean to have our nation returned to the people and how does that compare to when Israel demanded a king. What did God say would happen and how has it happened?

#BiblicalResponse It seems that whenever the conversation or headline turns biblical defenses go up and ears turn off. Yet the only thing that has held America together over its 241 year history is faith. That faith has been tested and put under

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