Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 1/26/17

January 26, 2017120 min
#RealRacistsExposed #MediocreNegroes Who are the real racists? How about the liberals who have branded the likes of Jim Brown and Steve Harvey as "Mediocre Negroes" for meeting with Donald Trump. A term meant to demean used by a group of supposed "champions for racial equality". Or what about Snoop Dog threatening any blacks that perform for President Donald Trump? Dan Perkins joins me to explore this and the exploding liberal heads!
#TrumpVsTheWorld President Donald Trump has made making America first again a priority and he is wasting no time in fulfilling that promise. From trade to the UN. Craig Parshall Author and Attorney with ACLJ weighs in on the impact around the world.
#InfluencingVoters George Barna has just concluded a research project that reveals the impact of voters guides.

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