Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 1/27/17

January 27, 2017120 min
#IndoctrinationofLIES American education has produced a generation that believes that the principals that built America are evil and imperialistic. That Marxism works it just has not had the right leader and that there is a socialist utopia, if they could only eliminate the evil bigoted, misogynistic, religious, capitalistic white man. Don Jans bust through their lurid worldview. Today marks two significant events that the left won't teach, National Holocaust Day and the March for Life 2017.

#CounterRevolution Has President Donald Trump started a counter revolution as the left and the media would have you believe? President Trump has made it extremely clear that the MSM has a very short leash when it comes to distorting the truth and they absolutely hate it. This has led to their reporting extensively on everything Anti Trump the world over and omitting anything positive. John LeBoutillier Fox News Insiders joins me to discuss who wins the war of the media. CIA speech.


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