Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 1/31/17

January 31, 2017120 min
#Overcoming Burgess Owens is every liberals nightmare. A man who overcame obstacles and turned them into opportunities. A man whose commitment to faith and values propelled him to sports stardom and a Super Bowl championship and a man who did not look around and find excuses but sought opportunities. A man of faith who pursued the excellence scripture describes and overcame inequality the American way.

#ObamasDebacle Hans Von Spakovsky Senior Legal Counsel Heritage Foundation takes into the the dark world created by Obama. From fostering voter fraud to hiring leftist activists to permanent positions in the DOJ, Obama has created huger obstacles to a return to our nations Constitutional Republic. Voter Fraud in Nevada.

#Healthfreedom you can count on working for you now and in the future. Dale Bellis discusses the impact Liberty Health Share is having on the healthcare industry.

#StopSexSlaveTrafficking Bethany Blankley Super Bowl brings about a large increase of sex slave traffickin

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