Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 1/4/17

January 4, 201760 min
#MoreLiesandDeception MSM seems almost incapable of telling the truth. It is particularly ridiculous when they use guys like Dan Rather and Brian Williams to call out #FakeNews or Katie Couric. Dan Gainor Media Research Center VP of Business & Culture joins Pastor Greg to expose their continued deception.
#InaugurationShockers Six Things Donald J. Trump will do on Inauguration day that will set him apart. Dr Gerard Lameiro joins Pastor Greg to share his predictions. On his last visit he predicted President Trump would win over 300 electoral votes on the eve of the election. The only one to do so and he did it on this show.
#TelltheTruth Ret. Lt Col Tony Shaffer joins Pastor Greg toi discuss the UN resolution and the recent attacks against Donald Trump for questioning the #RussianHacking story .
#MorningBriefing Mona Salama Conservative Analyst joins Pastor Greg with an inside look at the morning briefings being provided by the Trump Transition Team.

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