Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 2/10/17

February 10, 2017120 min
#WeThePeople Don Jans reaffirms that in spite of a current trend that many Constitutional Conservatives consider to be a breath of fresh air we must always practice "Trust, but verify." Also how is the behavior of the left in line with facism or communism? Abolish the Dept of Ed

#UpdateFromIsrael John Leboutilier joins Pastor Greg live from Israel with an update on the upcoming Netanyahu-Trump visit and the general attitude in Israel regarding the change in leadership in the US.

#NuclearIranISIS Joel Gilbert A graduate of the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies, Gilbert has produced two features films on Middle East politics: Atomic Jihad (2010) and Farewell Israel (2007), joins Pastor Greg to discuss the latest developments in the Iranian Nuclear program and is ISIS a nuclear threat as well? In their culture what message are they sending us?

#DrainTheSwamp #ChasingtheRabbit Fred Grieger joins Pastor Greg to discuss where we are and what should we be watch

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