Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 2/1/17

February 1, 2017120 min
#MediaDeception WHPS Sean Spicer calls out NBC for creating confusion on the Presidents Executive order and they blame the New York Times claiming they simply reported what someone else said that someone else said. Its like when you were a kid and you got caught so you said you were just following along. The teacher would say well if Tommy went and jumped off a five story building does that mean you would too? Justification of bad behavior rather than responsibility and doing the right thing is the state of the media today. Hollywood SAG melt down calling for more violence. SCOTUS selection embraces Constitutional World View like Scalia Media and the left cry foul show true hate for the constitution. Dan Gainor NewsBusters Media Research Center joins me to discuss all the medias insanity.


#DefendingPOTUS perhaps the best thing happening for President Donald Trump right now is what happened in the primaries, the more the media attacks and lies against him the more those of

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