Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 2/3/17

February 3, 2017120 min
#DefendingPOTUS President Donald Trump has done what nearly no politician ever does. He has kept his promises and by each move he makes he affirms that he intends to be a man of his word. In fact he has moved closer and closer to the heart of the American people and the principals laid out by our founders with each speech and with each appointment and with each action. Scottie Nell Hughes met with President Donald Trump nearly two years ago along with several grassroots leaders and came away believing that the man we have seen in these first few weeks is the President she knew America needed. She joins me today to discuss her confidence in the new President and to discuss a new platform defending freedom of speech
#HelpingorHurting Live from Jerusalem John Leboutillier, at what point does criticism of the President from those who are on the right become a greater hindrance than a help? Should we speak positively about the results until the results change? The pe

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