Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 2/6/17

February 6, 2017120 min
#ElectionFraud #LiberalHypocrisy Recent reports seem to confirm that as many as 800,000 Hillary voters may well have been illegals. Now Katy Grimes and Megan Barth are uncovering voter fraud in California. Also, since when is it unAmerican to win? Seems that is the message of the #PatriotsHate that has been on display. Senator Chuck Schumer stands at #fakerights site and yells Dump Trump. Megan Barth joins me to discuss this and more.

#DoddFrank Why does the left want to restrict American prosperity? How does Dodd Frank infringe on the pursuit of happiness guaranteed in the constitution? What does rolling back Dodd Frank mean for businesses ans the average American in their pursuit of the American Dream? Norbert Michel Research Fellow in Financial Regulations, Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies, Institute for Economic Freedom and Opportunity for The Heritage Foundation joins me to discuss and inform.

#RefugeeJudge Does the left misinterpret the Constitution when they try to a

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