Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 2/9/17

February 9, 2017119 min
#IranMissileCrisis #ConstitutionalCrisis Dan Perkins joins Pastor Greg to discuss the threat created by Irans missile program. Will the UN step up with sanctions? Will President Trump take on Iran alone? Also has the Illegal Immigration order created a constitutional crisis? If states can not have sanctuary cities does this also preclude them form passing laws that violate federal law such as the legalization of Marijuana?

#StopTheViolence UCF this week began "Fight Clubs for Liberals" claiming that liberals are being assaulted. While Senator Tim Kaine has called for fighting in the streets and video recordings clearly show protesters attacking building and people and setting things on fire. Thaddeus Dionne Alexander joins me for a courageous moment of calling out the truth over these out of control incidents. While the left complains about President Trump he is finding them jobs.

#TrackingChristianConservatives George Barna and American Culture and Faith Institute have finished th

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