Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 3/15/17

March 15, 2017120 min
#LibMediaImploding Dan Gainor joins me to discuss the media going off the rails. First it was the Snoop Dogg video purporting to assassinate President Trump, but before that CNN did in depth analysis on what would happen if the President had been assassinated at his inaugaration along with the Vice President and key members of his team. Now Rachel Maddow and MSNBC have violated all journalistic ethics by releasing tax returns, but the joke is on them.

#SupportVets John Preston a Veteran and current full time Fire Fighter and part timer singer, is working to continue to raise awareness of the suicide rate among our veterans and how we can fight the battle of PTSD.

#RepealACA Dan Sachtleben Club for Growth explains the problems with the current Obama repeal and replace bill and what we must do to get rid of the ACA for good.

#OutDoorLife Legendary outdoorsman Tred Barta joins us to give you a few tips about spring outings and how to prepare for your first Turkey shoot.

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