Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 3/20/17

March 20, 2017120 min
#DHSReport Megan Barth joins Pastor Greg to discuss the recent release of the DHS report which exposes the real issues with the Sanctuary City issue. The release of murderers, rapists and arsonists back into society in the name of love?

#Gorsuch #SecondAmendment Larry Pratt Gun Owners of America joins us to discuss the Neil Gorsuch nomination. His links to a very liberal Episcopalian Church where homosexuality is openly accepted and celebrated and where the female Pastor attended the Woman's March. Also where Islam is seen as equal to Christianity.

#LawlessSedition Michael Connelly exposes where the left has crossed the line and perhaps committed treason and sedition.

#TransMadness Dr Michael Brown with 5 examples of how the Trans issue goes to far. Also a look at the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast. Is a gay character in the children's film a continued effort to indoctrinate our children?

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