Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 3/21/17

March 21, 2017120 min
#TexLege Matt Long Fredericksburg Tea Party Illegal Immigrants are testifying in front of the Texas Legislature to save Sanctuary Cities in front of actual citizens if the State. Yes you read that right. Illegal aliens are testifying in the Texas House Legislature and they are being left alone. Wake up We the People! Also HB2338 to create stronger states rights and subjugate the federal government.

#Obamagate Derrick Wilburn Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives there is a plan and the level of evil they are willing to stoop to is beyond the comprehension of most Americans. What is UIL and how does it determine if you live or die?

#HealthCareFreedom Angie Martin Liberty Health Share has a Health Trac specifically for you. Looking for a health partner that puts you first? Tired of being treated as less than human in your health care? Ready for freedom and self directed health care that puts you first? Join today!

#DismantlingtheSwamp Michael Daugherty Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur. Pr

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