Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 3/22/17

March 22, 2017120 min
#IllegalMedia Dan Gainor Newsbusters and Media Research Center joins Pastor Greg to discuss the MainStream media and its continued cover up of horrific violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants against US Citizens. Proponents from the left consistently take up for the individual incident of bullying or supposed racial slurs, yet are totally silent when a 13 year old student is brutally raped at school during school hours by two illegals and the school still refuses to investigate who might be attending their school. Comey and Rogers coverage, Gorsuch coverage and more liberal media lunacy.

#RINOS they have had seven years to get ready a plan to repeal Obamacare. Democrats accused them of grand standing and conservatives called their previous votes empty rhetoric. Now with majorities in both houses and the White House it seems the RINOS are being exposed. They have no plan! Judson Phillips Tea Party Nation joins Pastor Greg to discuss what he is hearing on the hill.


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