Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 3/24/17

March 24, 2017120 min
#NigerianChristianPersecution Don Shenk The Tide Radio Ministries discusses the persecution Christians are experiencing in Nigeria and India. Also how they are delivering the gospel message to several countries through indigenous broadcasters and what role faith is playing in their mission.

##StopSpin John Leboutillier joins Pastor Greg to discuss his interview with Ed Rollins and the first eight weeks of the Trump Presidency. Also to discuss what are the real issues and what is just a distraction?
#RealEducation Tracy Livingston is running for AZ School Superintendent on the slogan Better Schools for All!. Tracy has been teaching in classroom for 18 years and she exposes the corruption and the agenda that is ruining our children.
#ForeignPolicy Herb London London Center for Policy Research discusses North Korea, Japan, China and the attacks on this administration by the left which are derailing our efforts to re establish American greatness abroad. The Deep shadow State and the d

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