Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 3/27/17

March 27, 2017120 min
#RepealFail Megan Barth joins me as we discuss the Obamacare repeal failure and what we need to do about it. How have the RINO's failed us? Is the Freedom Caucus our friends? What can we the people do? Will Obamacare implode? Medicaid for illegal immigrants is bankrupting the system.

#Turningthigsaround Pastor Greg answers a listeners question as he exposes the lies being told to parents at Rockville HS and the MS13 gang problem that the school would not acknowledge. How can we stop the anti American crowd and take back our country. Pastor explains the how.

#ComeyDeception Michael Connelly discusses the issues surrounding FBI Director Comey remaining in office and the possibility he will end up being prosecuted. Also the Senate and its voting record why less than stellar.

#AbsoluteTruth Dave Mcculloch joins Pastor Greg to explore the existence of absolute truth and how do we apply it.

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