Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 3/3/17

March 3, 2017120 min
#HijrahandtheUSConstitution #ObamaUNAlignment Don Jans joins me to discuss how America is being attacked on multiple fronts. From the Islamic Jihadists using immigration to fulfill Hijrah against our country and constitution to the Obama regime and their relentless pursuit of undermining the Trump Presidency and our constitution.

#MoreRussia John LeBoutillier weighs in on the on going issues surrounding Russia and this administration. Senators regularly meet with foreign ambassadors why the objectification on Russia by the left?

#RealMen Tred Barta legendary hunter and wilderness man had a spinal stroke and a rare blood disease that nearly derailed his life. But Tred with wife Anni has come back stronger than ever. How did he overcome and what has he learned through these trial that can help us?

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