Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 3/6/17

March 4, 2017120 min
Dustin Siggins Government intervention in home breeding of dogs could destroy small family businesses.

Susan Swift delivers an emotional and powerfully charged report on the speech of President Donald Trump. A man who says he will keep his word and has to this point. A throw back to a time when a mans word and a handshake was all you needed.

Cliff Sosaman and Urshel Metcalf Honor Courage Commitment helping veterans become business owners and assimilate into civilian life. Changing the negative narratives. Kenneth McClendon the Exceptional American.

John McAdams Winner of the Jeane Kirkpatrick Prize for Academic Freedom for his efforts to hold Marquette University and formerly Catholic University to some level of accountability in allowing free speech and public discourse as the Students and other faculty might desire.

Megan Barth Reagan Baby was hijacked during CPAC. Voter fraud if not investigated and stopped now will potentially hand future e;ections to the de

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