Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 3/7/17

March 6, 20173 min
Amber Athey Campus Reform College Campuses are bearing the economic weight of illegal immigration and resettlement programs due to insufficient funding and lack of resources. Also, discrimination against people of faith continues to be a huge issue. The intolerance of the tolerance crowd.

Doug Sachtleban Club for Growth Repeal Obamacare, rising costs, untenable infrastructure and broken promises. Momentum rising for the repeal and replace.

Ken Blackwell Trump Transition Team, recognizing the relentless attacks of the left and their goal of destroying and stopping the Trump agenda. Seeing how God is right in the middle of it all and how He has a plan.

Dr Michael Brown More exposure on the issue of the LGBTQ agenda and their embrace of pedophilia as a means to coerce young men. How the Milo interview opens the door to the reality that under age sex is a big part of the LGBTQ life style.

Herb London identifying concerns and the threats both foreign and domestic.

Dale Bellis Libe

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