Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 4/10/17

April 10, 2017239 min
#TruthLiveHere Megan Barth Disinformation, Propaganda and the lefts efforts to distort the truth with their lies. Debunking False Flag anti American rhetoric is as important as debunking the left. End of the day We The People need to get busy.

#ProLife Jeanne Mancini President March for Life Pro Life is trending in the polls. New SCOTUS balance a plus. Possibility of other appointments. Activist Federal Judiciary must be put in check.

#NuclearOption Michael Connelly what is the truth about the "Nuclear Option" used by Senate GOP and why are the Dems not looking in the mirror?

#BLMLies Burgess Owens the Black Lives Matter group is exposed as just another Marxist organization trying to destroy America.

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