Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 4/19/17

April 19, 2017120 min
#FOXShakeUp Dan Gainor NewsBusters Medis Research Center joins Pastor Greg to discuss the ouster of Bill O’Reilly at FOX, AP changes language on Fresno shooter to scrub Allah Akbahr, MSM ignores FGM story, NBC Sports Writer Craig Calcaterra attacks display of US Flag and Fly over honoring Veterans, TEA Party Vs ANTIFA not the same Tax Protests, Georgia 17 to 1 not a Dem win.
#DrainTheSwamp Congressman Ken Buck arrived in Congress in 2015 and quickly realized the problem. When no one wanted to discuss the problem or find a solution he decided to write about his experience and expose the “status quo” that has America on the edge. Drain the Swamp is that book.
#BLM Derrick Wilburn in his latest piece on Allen West shares a story that should be sprinkled across national news. Mass Shooting by Black Suspect at Black Church Carnival in Birmingham Alabama six people were wounded including a baby when a “BLACK MAN” opened fire at a church carnival on Easter Sunday. No protests and no coverage of the shooting in any major media outlets.
#Indoctrucation Students at a Florida middle school recently brought home a disturbing survey – the teacher asked how they would feel in various situations…all of them were designed to detect racism, homophobia, etc. – according to a new report by The Stream’s Nancy Flory. Questions on the survey included: What would it feel like if they were asked to a gay bar and someone of the same sex asked them to dance? What if they saw their brother kiss a boy? What would they feel like if they lived in a black neighborhood? More craziness at our childrens’ schools nationwide… a Maryland high school had students to write out the Islamic Shahada after learning about Islam for two weeks (they covered Christianity for just one day).
#RightWingNews John Hawkins author of a new book 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know, discusses the jockeying going on in the White H

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