Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 4/24/17

April 24, 2017120 min
#ITIN Megan Barth Reagan Babe joins us to continue to expose the way in which money is being laundered to our southern neighbor through the IRS. How does the IRS track conservative groups but sees no issue with thousands of returns going to the same address? And if $40 Billion has been sent to Mexico then how is it possible that Mexico is so completely corrupt and the people have no resources? Appears the IRS is being used to fund gangs, drugs, Cartels and corrupt government officials.

#OvercomingStress Michael Schwartz Michael's Health joins Pastor Greg to discuss overcoming stress, exhaustion and sleep deprivation. Breaking the sugar dependency.

#SCOTUS Michael Connelly Constitutional Attorney joins us to discuss the current SCOTUS calendar and the specific cases he sees as having a long term effect. From Religious Freedom to Education to Second Amendment.

#FakeScience Dr Stephen Meyer author new book Darwin's Doubt as he refuted the non scientific arguments and the propped up scientific arguments of Bill Nye the engineer guy, who has no formal scientific degree. Dr Meyer explains how science proves an intelligence design and how the connection exists between the climate change hoax and the science community.

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