Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 4/4/17

April 4, 2017240 min
#TexasLegislature Matt Long discusses the current battle in Austin the implications for Texas and the implications for our nation. Constitutional Carry, American Laws for American Courts and Privacy Laws.

#HealthcareFreedom Dale Bellis discusses how we can take back our Healthcare from the Obamacare debacle. He also exposes the 30% penalty that caused the Freedom Caucus to squash the bill. Most don't know about the 30% penalty for not being on the government program that was a part of the failed Paul Ryan/POTUS bill.

#BorderCrisis David Ward NAFBPO joins Pastor Greg to discuss the border issues. From CArtels to MS13 to the rapes and murderers coast to coast the Will Hurd and Julian Castro response only encourages more violence. Turning a blind eye is inviting more trouble.

#BitterFeud Mike Daugherty has been battling the FTC since 2010. His company was devastated and most would have quit. Not Michael, because it only made him more determined to expose the underbelly of the beast. Today his battle continues but his ability to share why a Susan Rice can just lie or representatives can support evil becomes quite clear.

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