Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 4/5/17

April 5, 2017239 min
#GodsPlan Derrick Wilburn Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives When looking for a candidate Evangelicals look for the most evangelical, but is that who God has called to carry out the assignment? Reacting to the reduction in crime stats since President Trump turned law enforcement back on to rule of law. SCOTUS

#MediaLies Dan Gainor NewsBusters The Media Research Center how deception is continually used to manipulate the public opinion.

#InsiderScoop David Brody The Brody File Comey, Freedom Caucus, Steve Bannon, Trump Wire Tapping, Syria and the greatest threat North Korea.

#DeathPenalty Marc Hyden Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty Arguments for stopping the death penalty versus maintaining the death penalty.

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