Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 4/6/17

April 7, 2017240 min
#OutLawingFossilFuels Tom Harris International Climate Science Coalition joins Pastor Greg to discuss the recent Ninth Circuit Court decision that there is a fundamental "right" to "a climate system capable of sustaining human life." What does that mean? Also what are the truths not presented in the case?

#Grassrootsunderattack JoAnn Fleming GAWTP (Grassroots America We The People) joins Pastor Greg to discuss the letter sent to President Trump in defense of the Freedom Caucus and letting him know we are ready to stand with him but, he needs to keep his promise.

#WatchoutGrassroots Pastor Greg shares his article about recent Presidential appointments that add to the already full Deep State by keeping more Obama hold overs in key positions.

#TeaPartyvsBLM Thaddeus and Pastor Greg discuss the Tea Party message and how the left has tried to create a false message about the group. Also the BLM movement and Thaddeuss interaction with the original leaders.

#LiberalCivilWar Susan Swift joins Pastor Greg to discuss the Civil war being carried out by many on the left as they reject all rule of law. The tyranny of the left and judicial activism. Also her optimism that the awakened and learning are not going to go back.

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