Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 4/7/17

April 8, 2017240 min
#WorlwideUpheaval Don Jans and Pastor Greg discuss what is happening in Europe and the impact on the EU, Germany, France and England. The Netherlands and how looking at Europe has been a reflection of the future of America.

#WhiteHouseUpheaval John Leboutillier discusses the influence of Jared, Ivanka and Gary Cohen on President Trump. Also ousting of Steve Bannon and the potential in fighting for power in the WH.

#SyriaNKoreaChina Frances Martel Breitbart News National Security Editor discusses the Syria bombing, the message sent, the purpose of it. How it effects China, Iran and North Korea. The St Petersburgh connection to the Assad bombing.

#WaitTillItsFree Colin Gunn explains the history that got us here in health care. 1930's policies that introduce socialized medicine. What fre market would liike and how to refute the lies about high costs of care.

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