Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 5/13/16

May 13, 201660 min
Liz Peek Fox news analyst and syndicated writer jobs Pastor Greg to discuss the Clinton-Trump wars. What does The Donald need to do to win the general? Can he change his game without losing his base? How does hiring in Soros Fund Manager help him? Tax returns a problem? Sanders destroying Clinton? Conservatives slighted again? John Leboutillier Political Insiders Which Liberal do you prefer? Immorality run amok? Clinton, Benghazi, Emails dirty machine. Trump and Clinton might force a third party candidate. Could Trumps cleveland convention lead to Martial Law?
Second Hour, Brigitte Gabrielle Act for America, how American policies are mirroring the European policies that have to London being Islamizied. Will blindness cause a major terror incident? Why are fewer Americans going to Syria to carry out Jihadi missions as the FBI Director has stated? Is homegrown terrorism a problem? Peter Labarbera Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, What is CLAW and why did the Cleveland Hilton Sout

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