Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 6/24/16

June 24, 201660 min
Lt General (RET) William "Jerry" Boykin Exec. VP Family Research Council former leader of the Green Berets, 36 years of active duty, joins Pastor Greg to discuss the atrocious treatment of SMSGT Oscar Rodriguez who was physically dragged from the retirement ceremony of his friend MSGT Chuck Roberson who asked him to deliver the traditional flag folding address, when he uttered the word "God". This marks another event in the on going persecution of religious expression in the military and Gen Boykin speaks to this issue. Also Pastor Greg reveals a very disturbing legislative attack being reported out of California to force Christian Universities to abandon their belief systems. Then Wayne Allynn Root jons Pastor Greg to discuss Donald Trump and the Brexit vote. Also immigration, banning Muslims, religious liberty and the homosexual agenda. What must Trump do to win?

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