Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 7/22/16

July 22, 201659 min
What does the militant attack against Ted Cruz call for Constitutional candidates say about the Donald Trump candidacy? Don Jansjoins Pastor Greg Young to discuss Obamaism and facism and Trumpism. John John LeBoutillier Political Insider with his wrap on the GOP convention and can a house divided stand? Judson Phillips Tea Party Nation founder shares his observations on the fall out of the convention and holding the House and the Senate. Geoff Dickens MRC joins to discuss the medias attempt to create schisms in the GOP and their blood thirst for Ted Cruz. Folks there is more to the story about the attack on Ted Cruz for calling for adherence to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and exhorting for States Rights than anyone has been willing to discuss. If Donald Trump is not going to lead us back to a Constitutional Republic than we are still in danger. But if he is bit he can not find it in himself to stop the attacks on Cruz then he is damaging his ability to do so as he will also

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