Chosen Generation

Chosen Generation - 8/10/16

August 10, 201659 min
CNN says HIJAB wearing Anti American should carry flag, rather than a 23 time Olympic medal winner. Kamau Bell CNN uses race and white privilege to attack Michael Phelps and the media is silent. Baltimore cops sue DA Mosby. Clinton health drawing attention. Will Smith wants Trump supporters wacked. Dan Gainor MRC Newsbusters joins Pastor Greg. (Ret) LT GEN Michael T Flynn the threat of Islam, the refusal of Obama to address the issue. When it all began, how they are gaining strength and not retreating. 7,000 dead or injured in the last five months due to attacks by ISIS in 22 countries. SHOCKING revelations on Clinton email threat. Patrick Wood, dispelling the myth of social justice being propagated by the left. How social engineering is destroying America. ‪#‎DEFCON‬ Las Vegas Live Report FTC on the Prowl Michael Daugherty with the inside scoop! Kangaroo courts and government malfeasance run amok. How the FTC is destroying businesses and creating a false narrative to promote socialism

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